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Countertop Seams--the good, the bad, and the ugly!


One of the aspects of a countertop install that I am most asked about by my customers is the countertop seam.  "How many will there be?" and "how will it look?" are the questions most often asked and I am happy to answer these questions because I know that Soma Stoneworks will do a great job.  However, I have lot of potential customers that do not know what they can expect out of a seam.  The following pic is of a typical seam in the Atlanta granite countertop market today:

Average seam w text

The sad, but unfortunate, aspect of this picture is that the customer probably saved a couple hundred dollars but in turn has to look at this for as long as they are in their home.  A beautiful Verde Butterfly granite kitchen has been marred by the average-at-best fabrication and installation by this granite company.  There is a popular saying that we think fits this situation:

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after low price is forgotten..."

Following is another example of poor seamwork in an Ubatuba granite countertop:

Awful seam w text


Finally, you can even have color matching problems at the seam as evidenced by this Santa Cecilia granite counterop:

Bad color match


Without consumer education, this type of work will continue to be passable in our industry and it brings down the quality of work throughout.  This particular blog post exemplifies my desire to educate and inform the local marketplace about what you can expect from natural stone countertop and engineered quartz countertop fabricators locally.  I feel that our work exemplifies what you SHOULD expect:

Santa Cecilia granite countertop seam

Not all kitchen layouts will require seams in the countertops.  Many factors such as material selection, access into the home, cabinet layout, etc. will determine whether or not a seam is needed.  Following is a picture of a kitchen we did that did not have a seam at all:

Amazon Fantasy

Most fabricators would have put a seam in this layout but we like to go the extra mile with our customers and try to respect and honor the wishes of our clients.

Thanks for your time!


I recently had a caesarstone countertop installed. Where the counter is joined at the front on top there is a little raised imperfection. Also the seam looks like a pencil line that you would draw on for wallpapering. It is more prevalent in the front and lighter towards the back. It is the organic white. I can understand that a line is unavoidable but this to me seems a bit too obvious like a dirty line. Any advice would be appreciated.
Posted @ Monday, April 25, 2011 9:56 AM by Nancy
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